How to make a temporary email? (2023)

How to make a temporary email? (2023)
Published in : 05 Dec 2022

How to make a temporary email? (2023)

Complete Guide to Get a Free Temporary Email (2023)

You can't exist on the internet unless you have an email address. Do you need to download an ebook? Enter your email address. Do you want to see information on a social forums? Enter your email address.

However, you may be hesitant to provide your email address to someone you don't know well or completely trust. So, what are your options?

To view content on such sites, you can use a temporary email address. Temporary emails provide security and anonymity while protecting you from spam and phishing attacks.

This guide will teach you everything there is to know about temporary emails. Let's get started!

What is a temporary (or disposable) email address?

Temporary email addresses are aliases to your main email address that you can use to sign up for various websites, and they are deleted after a specific period of time. Disposable emails, temp mails, fake emails, anonymous emails, and throwaway emails are some of the other names for them.
Temp mails function in the same way that regular email addresses do.

There are two ways to get a temporary email:

  1. Use temporary email generators such as TempMailz, temp-mail, or 10-minute Mail.

  2. Generate a temporary email using email providers such as Gmail and Outlook.

How does a temporary email address work?

Temp mails function in the same way that regular email addresses do. The only distinction is:

To obtain a temporary email address, you do not need to provide your name, phone number, or any other personal information.
These emails do not last indefinitely.
In general, temporary email providers handle everything, including setting up a mail server and DNS record. You must go to their website and claim your email by simply confirming that you are not a robot.

All you got to do is to copy the geneeated temp email and start using it wherever you w want.

What are the advantages of a temporary email address?

Using a temporary email can provide the following advantages:

  • Protection from spam: Many websites require your email address before you can take action, such as downloading an ebook. Even if these sites state that they will not use your information or send you spam emails, you never know, right? In that case, using such email addresses can assist you in avoiding junk emails and keeping your inbox clean and spam-free.

  • Protection from phishing attacks: Phishing attacks are difficult to detect and psychologically target users in order to steal your personal information. By providing a temporary email address, you can ensure that even if they sell your data, your privacy is not jeopardised because that email address does not exist. You can use these emails in this manner when browsing untrustworthy websites.

  • Hidden identity: Temporary emails hide your real identity and let you surf the internet and join different sites you don’t trust completely.

  • Extended Trials: You've probably noticed that sites like Hulu, Netflix and Amazon Prime provide free trials, but when the trial is over and you still want to use these services, all you need is a temporary email address. After the trial period ends, you can technically continue your trial usage by using a different email address.

Features of a Good Temporary Email Generator:

First you need to find a temporary email generator. There are a few temporary email services out there which include TempMailz, temp-mail, 10minuteemail. Before using a temporary email address generator make sure that the temporary email address generator:

  • Must not ask for any personal information (email, phone number, credit cards etc.) of the user.
  • Temporary email should be easily created with a click or two.
  • Offers temporary storage of emails (temporal email inbox at user’s disposal).
  • Must provide random email address everytime you use it.

Steps to Get a Temporary Email Address:

Now lets get to creating a temporary email address. We'll be using TempMailz for this tutorial as it is super easy to create a temporary emaill address with that.

  • Go to TempMailz to open their homepage. You will be provided with this screen showing a loading... sign.How to make a temporary email
  • After 2 seconds it will generate your random temporary email like this:   
  • How to make a temporary email(1)
  • You can use this email address wherever you want. We will be using it to make a facebook account. How to make a temporary email(3)
  • You can see it is the same email as given by TempMailz. Now when we click Sign Up, a code will be sent to our temporary email inbox at TempMailz. You need to scroll down on Homepage to see your inbox.How to make a temporary email(4)
  • As you can see we have received a confirmation code from facebook
  • .How to make a temporary email(5)
  • As you can see facebook accepted the code and my account is confirmed.
  • How to make a temporary email(6).png

This temporary email address can be used for as long as you want and can be used with any service like Amazon, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime etc. Once you are finished using the temporary email address you can close the window (or tab) and when you come to TempMailz homepage agan, they will generate another random temporary email address.


Temporary email is an amazing way to prevent spam, phishing attacks and to get the information you want. Also, you can keep your inbox very well organized by downloading only those messages you want.