What is a Temp Mail and why do you need one? (Right now)

What is a Temp Mail and why do you need one? (Right now)
Published in : 12 Dec 2022

What is a Temp Mail and why do you need one? (Right now)

In 2022, over 4,100 publicly reported data breaches occurred, exposing over 22 billion records. According to the cyber security publication Security Magazine, the estimates are likely to exceed this amount by up to 5%.

<meta charset="utf-8" />Almost 90% of the online services we utilize today require us to sign up and provide an email address. Be it some social media site or an online shopping store, they all ask us to provide our email and information to avail of their services. As everything today is shifting online, you might see yourself sharing your email address with online companies more than ever.

On surface level, sharing your personal email address might seem harmless but it exposes you to some underlying security vulnerabilities, unwanted spam and targeted ads.  

A temporary email address or Temp mail is ideal for the situations when you don't want to use your personal email address, whether because you don't trust a platform, use it sparingly, or wish to use it secretly. Using a temp mail keeps your mailbox tidy, clear of spam, and lowers your vulnerability to hackers and other online risks.

What is a Temp Mail?

A temporary email or Temp Mail is a service that provides a disposable email address to its users. This type of email address can be used for various purposes such as registering on websites, signing up for newsletters, and so on.

Temporary emails are often used by people who want to protect their privacy and don’t want their personal information to be leaked in any way. It is also used by companies that want to offer their products or services without revealing their contact information.

TempMailz provides you with a free temporary email addressTempMailz is a service that provides you with a free temporary email address. You can also choose a username and domain of your liking. 

Advantages of a Temp Mail

Temp Mail doesn't only provide you with privacy, it has various other advantages too which we will describe below:

  • Keep Personal Information Private: If you don't want to give your personal information to some website because either it looks too shady or you want to use it secretly, you DO need temporary email address. Why? If the website's security is compromised in case of a hack, your real email address would be safe.

  • Sign-Up For Store Loyalty Cards: We all love Coupn codes and discounts. Some online stores provide you discounts if you sign up for their loyalty programs but once you sign up they just fill up your inbox with promotional offers and sales. You might ignore those promotional offers once or twice but the spam keeps on pling up leaving you frustrated.If you want to avoid it, temporary email is the way to go.

  • Test Your Apps: So you are a developer and you just finished coding your app. Now you need to test it before rolling it out to public. You will have to ask different people to sign up and test tte app. This is where a temporary email address comes in the picture. You can simply create as many temporary email addresses you want and use them to login to your app for testing purposes

  • Sign-Up For Double Account: You need another IFTTT account to program a second Twitter account run for your marketing site. To avoid managing a new email inbox, you can open a new temporary email address at tempmailz.net.

  • Get rid of spam: So you love internet surfing and finding about new topics and ideas. Doing this requires to sign up to a lot of new forums and group discussion sies on the internet. To protect your privacy and keep your private information being leaked, you can take advantage of a temporary email address.


Internet has become one of the most important necessity of man. That's a harsh truth but we have to face it. Despite its various advantages, with every passing day internet is becoming more and more dagenrous and keeping your personal information from online predators is becoming almost impossible. No governments or institutions can prevent the data leaks so it is upto us to protect ourselves.